Many people think that being attentive is the art of staying focused on one task without getting distracted. Well, that is not the reality because attention includes different elements that must be put together. However, this doesn't imply that concentrating on a single task isn't essential.

According to studies DissertationTeam, people who keep focus for longer periods perform better on any given challenge than those who can't maintain focus. If you want to live for more years while understanding different aspects of life, you need to improve your concentration power.

The mind plays a vital role in paying attention. There is a strong connection between the body and mind, which is why the mind is like a muscle. Both the real muscles and the mind contribute towards generating power and strength. As a result, they should rest and regain more energy after some exercise. So, what are the exercise tips that can help you improve your focus?

Take one step at a time. When you make up your mind to keep physically fit, you must know that change is a gradual process. As a beginner, you can't wake up one day and enroll in a program. Chances are, you won't stay composed, and you might never achieve the goals. You can start with a Pomodoro model whereby you work out for 45 minutes, then rest for 15 minutes as you get used to the training.

Again, start with easy and comfortable exercises and ensure you maintain maximum concentration. As days go by, you will be advancing slowly by slowly.

Have a distraction to-do list. Nowadays, the internet and social media platforms are the biggest areas that lead to distractions. As you are busy focusing on something, you get a notification from one of your social media platforms. When you step back to take a look, you realize one hour had already gone when you thought it could take you only five minutes. When you want to pick up from where you left, you realize you lost the morale.

To avoid such issues, note down something you need to check out. If a notification pops up, write it down to check later after you have done with the task at hand. Revisit the notice when on break or when the focusing session is over.

Be self-motivated. You can decide to pay attention voluntarily and stay disciplined. If you have the willpower, you can ignore all other aspects that might distract your concentration. So, you should learn to embrace self-motivation and have the will to do things.

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